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The new Green Party leader

The Ecologist, September 12 2102 When Caroline Lucas stood down as leader of the Green Party in May, things were looking a little confused. The party was sitting on a string of successes – an MP, two MEP, a city council … Continue reading

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Tim DeChristopher found guilty

The Guardian, March 4 2011 An environmental activist was on Thursday found guilty on two felony charges after he disrupted a government auction of land for oil and gas exploration. Tim DeChristopher’s sentence will be decided on 23 June but … Continue reading

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Row over RBS sponsorship of “Climate Week”

The Guardian, March 3 2011 Climate Week is coming. If that means nothing to you, how do you fancy a “supercharged national occasion that offers an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change”? Still not clear? … Continue reading

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Interview with Helen Browning

The Guardian, January 5 2011 Striding up the hill towards her pigs, which have been farrowing for the last couple of months, Helen Browning looks so comfortable it’s hard to imagine her in a committee room in Westminster, or hunched … Continue reading

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Danish police were wrong says court

The Guardian, December 16 2010 Danish police have been ordered to pay tens of thousands of pounds compensation to hundreds of climate protesters, after a court ruling today. The unprecedented ruling coincides with the release of an audio recording from … Continue reading

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The Ecologist, December 2010 Now look. I’ve been thinking long and hard about how best to view the new government and its policies and this is the thing. Although my nicer self tells me, believe them!, love them!, give them … Continue reading

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Nuclear support ebbs

The Guardian, 22 March 2011 Support for nuclear power in the UK has dropped by 12% following the near-meltdown at Fukushima nuclear power plant, according to a national opinion poll conducted since the earthquake near Japan that triggered a devastating … Continue reading

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Copenhagen protesters acquitted

part of this story appeared in the Guardian, August 31, 2010 The two protesters on trial in Copenhagen for terrorism-related offences during the environment summit last December have both been cleared. Of the nearly 2000 people arrested, a small number … Continue reading

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Where is everyone?

I’ve just been watching a film of the Climate Camp taking place up in Edinburgh at the moment, and the main question which it raises is… where the hell is everyone? (The film was on the Climate Camp website but … Continue reading

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The necessity defence

New Statesman, 5 July 2010 note: this was written as the court was still waiting for the verdict in the EDO case. They were acquitted. The problem is often posed this way: you’ve got a friend in your car who … Continue reading

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