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Interview with Helen Browning

The Guardian, January 5 2011 Striding up the hill towards her pigs, which have been farrowing for the last couple of months, Helen Browning looks so comfortable it’s hard to imagine her in a committee room in Westminster, or hunched … Continue reading

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How to be ill

This week my four year old son has had a cold. If male-pitifulness was properly ranked he’d be 10th Dan. I’m thinking of hiring him out for man-flu seminars. As Yoda says, when it comes to being a guru, “Size … Continue reading

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Spoonfed suppers didn’t do it for me…

People keep trying to make suppertimes easier – supermarkets want to deliver food to me, various companies want to pre-cook it for me, others want to help me lose weight with it. And now Spoonfed Suppers has joined the crowd with a website that offers to do all my meal-planning too. Continue reading

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Marmalade buns…

We’re having the annual cricket match in the communal garden today and the best bit (obviously) is the tea afterwards. I’ve made marmalade buns from the lovely Jane Brocket book: they’re really easy, use up old oranges, and are lovely. … Continue reading

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Plasma screens but no toast

Guardian, 21 June 2010

George wants four pieces of toast, cut into four please. Bea is having porridge with a gentle snowfall of sugar across the top. Poppy is thoughtfully picking the slices of banana out of the bowl of chopped fruit in the middle of the table. Continue reading

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