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More about Lewes Road community garden

Guardian, 28 July 2010 A line of police officers is facing protesters at the gate to the community garden. In the road behind the police, a giant mechanical grabber and a smaller orange digger waits. The mood is unhappy, tense, … Continue reading

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Dinner out of the cupboard…

You need red onion, brown rice, can tomatoes, bovril, worcester sauce, cheese, butter, oil, parsley, salt. The stuff in your cupboards. Soften chopped red onion (or any old onion) in sunflower oil and butter, then add brown rice, tin of … Continue reading

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Spoonfed suppers didn’t do it for me…

People keep trying to make suppertimes easier – supermarkets want to deliver food to me, various companies want to pre-cook it for me, others want to help me lose weight with it. And now Spoonfed Suppers has joined the crowd with a website that offers to do all my meal-planning too. Continue reading

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John Grant is wondrous

Went to see John Grant at the Komedia tonight. Wonderful, melancholy, crazy man talking about all the things we all feel. Was delicious.

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The necessity defence

New Statesman, 5 July 2010 note: this was written as the court was still waiting for the verdict in the EDO case. They were acquitted. The problem is often posed this way: you’ve got a friend in your car who … Continue reading

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EDO/MBM arms protestors cleared!

The Guardian, 1 July 2010 Britain’s Green MP today declared her support for seven acquitted campaigners who caused £180,000 damage to an arms factory, backing their direct action. Caroline Lucas, the MP for Brighton Pavilion, said she was “absolutely delighted” … Continue reading

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Testing out the Smart electric car

The Guardian, 1 July 2010 I got to drive the new electric smart car around; hmmm…

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