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Do we still want real markets?, August 31, 2010 One of Britain’s greatest markets is at the heart of an all-too-familiar tug of war. This latest row at Borough Market, reported in Sunday’s Observer, has been brewing for a couple of years now. The managers … Continue reading

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Copenhagen protesters acquitted

part of this story appeared in the Guardian, August 31, 2010 The two protesters on trial in Copenhagen for terrorism-related offences during the environment summit last December have both been cleared. Of the nearly 2000 people arrested, a small number … Continue reading

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I see their point…

Am enjoying reading the rows about Climate Camp and the media on the guardian environment website (I was slightly regretting deciding not to go this year – clashed with family holiday – but am gladder and gladder all the time). … Continue reading

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How to be ill

This week my four year old son has had a cold. If male-pitifulness was properly ranked he’d be 10th Dan. I’m thinking of hiring him out for man-flu seminars. As Yoda says, when it comes to being a guru, “Size … Continue reading

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Where is everyone?

I’ve just been watching a film of the Climate Camp taking place up in Edinburgh at the moment, and the main question which it raises is… where the hell is everyone? (The film was on the Climate Camp website but … Continue reading

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Love this

Tom Scott decided he was fed up with newspapers not including warnings about sloppy journalism and unchecked facts so he helpfully designed these stickers. I’m not sure how much of my work would have to be stickered. There has definitely … Continue reading

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